Fleece - Section D

Chief Steward: Gerard Talbot – Telephone (02) 6035 8546

Steward: Geoff Nixon

Entry Fees: $2.00 Members & Non-Members

Prizes: First Certificate and Sash | Second Certificate and Sash

Entries Close: Friday 7th October 2016  (Late entries at discretion of Steward)

Penning: 8.30 am on day of Show (stock can be removed at 4.30 pm once authorised by Steward)

Judging: 9.00 am start


  • Fleeces to be not more than 12 months’ growth and to be shorn from sheep on property of exhibitor
  • Fleeces will be judged on point system
  • Points will be awarded for the following desirable properties of fleece
    Trueness of length, soundness, softness, colour, character, density, weight of fleece and yield
  • If in the opinion of the Judge, an exhibit is entered in the wrong class, he or she can place the fleece in the proper class


D1  Fine Wool Merino Fleece – Ewe or Wether

D2  Medium Wool Merino Fleece – Ewe or Wether

D3  Strong Wool Merino Fleece – Ewe or Wether

D4  Merino Ram Fleece

D5  Bond or Comeback Fleece – Ewe or Wether

D6  Bond Ram Fleece

D7  Crossbred Fleece – Ewe or Wether

D8  Border Leicester Fleece – Ram or Ewe

D9  Lincoln Fleece – Ram or Ewe

D10  Merino Lambs Wool – 1 kg

D11  Crossbred Lambs Wool – 1 kg

Championship Classes Section D

  • Champion Lambs Wool
  • Grand Champion– Fleece of Show
  • Reserve Champion – Fleece of Show

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