Jam, Jellies Pickles and Sauces - Section L

Steward: Margaret Ward – Telephone (02) 6033 2638
Steward: Shirley Pearce

Entry Fee: $1.00 for adults and 50 cents for juniors under 16

Prizes: First Certificate & $2.50 | Second Certificate & $1.50


Entries Open from Monday 21st November to Friday 25th November 2016 – 11.00 am – 4.30 pm

Entries need to be finalised by Friday 25th November and delivered to the Main Pavilion by 6.30 pm.

No late entries accepted

Cooking to be at showgrounds by 9.00 am Saturday 26th November and horticultural entries to the grounds by Sunday 27th November by 9.00 am.

All prize money paid by Treasurer on Show Day only


  • All entries to be exhibitor’s own work
  • Each exhibit must have entry ticket firmly attached
  • When submitting 3 jars of jam, all jars must be labelled together as part of a set of 3
  • Bottles and Jars – 250 grams – 500 gram jars preferred for jams, jellies and chutneys, all jarlids to be clean and free of any manufacturer’s labels, but clearly indicating contents.
  • Cellophane covers will not be accepted (to comply with health regulations). Please removeall cellophane covers and replace with lids prior to delivering exhibits to the showground
  • Pickles and sauces in bottles of uniform size preferably with screw top lids
  • A O V – Any other variety
  • A V – Any variety

Section LA – Jam and Jellies

LA1  Jar of Berry Jam – A V

LA2  Jar of Apricot Jam

LA3  Jar of Fig Jam

LA4  Jar of Jam – Two fruits

LA5  Jar of Plum jam – light

LA6  Jar of Plum jam – dark

LA7  Jar of Jam – A O V (not marmalade)

LA8  3 Jars of Jam – Distinct varieties

LA9  3 Jars of Jelly – A V

LA10  Jar of lemon butter

LA11  Jar of grapefruit marmalade

LA12  3 jars of marmalade – three distinct varieties

Most successful exhibitor – Jams and Jellies – Sash

Section LB – Pickles and Sauces

LB1  Jar of mustard pickles

LB2  Jar of green tomato pickles

LB3  Jar of cauliflower pickles

LB4  3 Jars of pickles – three distinct varieties

LB5  Jar of tomato relish

LB6  Bottle of tomato sauce

LB7  Bottle of plum sauce

LB8  Jar of chutney – A O V

Most successful exhibitor – Pickles and Sauces – Sash

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