Club Exhibit - Section T

Steward: Gayle Gaffy – 0488 695 909

Entry Fee: $3.00


First: Perpetual Trophy donated by Summerfield’s and Sash
Second: Sash

Entries Open from Monday 7th October to Friday 11th October 2024 – 11.00 am to 4.30 pm

Displays to be set up on Friday 11th October from 12 noon – 5.00pm

T1 Club Exhibit:

  • Collection of six (6) articles, work of club or organisation members
  • Article may be shown only once in this section
  • Any garment of sewing
  • Knitted article
  • Article of embroidery
  • Cloth doll, teddy bear or hand made soft toy
  • Crocheted article
  • Plus one article of own choice
  • 10 points for each article, 10 points for display. Accessories permitted in staging, points deducted if poorly displayed

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