The Presidents Message

corowa show president

Well here we are, 2023 and after having a Show in 2022, we are now preparing for our second Show after having a little spell due to the Covid issue.

Our Show Committee certainly were happy with the running of the 2022 Show, and we will be working hard to make this Show a success.

Once again, because we believe it is very important for a town to have a Show and our belief is that, for that one day of the year, this is a day that everyone looks forward to, and our aim is to provide good and interesting entertainment for you. Every year, we try hard for entertainment for your enjoyment and this year will be no exception.

Yes, once again our extremely dedicated volunteers will be full on, working very hard, so we want to see you there when the gates open on that one day in October.

Once again, we encourage YOU to enter this year’s Show, check the Schedule and view the details of each section, take this as a challenge to yourself, you will certainly find something there that suits your skills or talents that you might have, or didn’t think you had.

Remember our motto “the Show must go on” We certainly look forward to seeing you there this year.

Certainly a big thank you to our many volunteers, who work tirelessly at the grounds on the lead up to our Show, ensuring that everything is in tip top condition, for a smooth operation.

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