Junior Horticulture - Section OJ

Enquiries: Lorraine Anderson – 0447 959 708
Enquiries: Bronwyn Collins

Entry Fee: $0.60 cents

Prizes: First Certificate & $2.50 | Second Certificate & $1.50

Instructions: Decorated saucer must be damp sand filled, with a slight dome and no sand visible

Entries Open from Monday 7th October to Friday 11th October 2024 – 11.00 am to 4.30 pm

Delivery to Main Pavilion By Sunday 13th October – 7.00 am to 9:00 am

No late entries accepted

All prize money paid by Treasurer on Show Day only


  • Please attach entry ticket securely to containers prior to entry, exhibitors to supply their own containers
  • All exhibits in this section must have been raised by the exhibitor or have been in their possession for at least two months prior to the Show, except in decorative arrangements and children’s section
  • A container of blooms must have not less than 5 blooms or 5 cuts
  • NND – Not necessarily different
  • SS – Single staged

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