Show Regulations

Corowa Pastoral, Agricultural & Horticultural Society Inc

(Established 1878)


  1. Each member of the Society whose subscription is paid will be entitled to admission to the ground for the member and one guest
  2. All entries must be the complete work of the exhibitor.  Fees must accompany all entries or the entry will be deemed to be not received
  3. Entries must be lodged with the Secretary as per deadline of each section but no later than Friday 7th October 2022 at 6.30 pm unless otherwise stated in the Schedule
  4. All entries must specify the class, and section exhibits are to be entered and any other information requested in the Section
  5. All exhibitors will pay admission charges into the ground
  6. All exhibits must be bona-fide property of exhibitors at the time of entry.  Exhibitors of stock will be required to furnish full particulars as to age and pedigree of each exhibit also the breeder’s name (where name is known) and in the case of sheep, where same were last shorn, and any other information as the Committee may deem necessary including declarations.  The Committee reserves the right to disqualify any exhibit improperly entered, or regarding, which a false statement has been made
  7. Should there be any reason to suspect that any exhibit is either diseased or dangerous, or objectionable, the Committee reserves the right of removing the same and refusing admittance to the Show
  8. Exhibitors will leave their entries with the Steward, to arrange their exhibits and no exhibit shall afterwards be removed or interfered with, without the sanction of the Stewards, under a penalty not exceeding $10.00.  The Committee have the power to retain any such exhibit until the fine is paid
  9. The members of the Committee and the Stewards in the Section shall, at any time, have the power to enter any space allotted to any exhibitor and give such directions as regards to the exhibits as they think fit and an exhibitor refusing to carry out such instructions shall be disqualified, or suffer other penalty as the Committee may deem fit
  10. In all cases where there are at least three entries, the judges shall award two prizes unless, in their opinion, the exhibits are not worthy of the prizes, when they shall be empowered to award one prize only, whether a first or second, or the judge need not award a prize at all
  11. No exhibitor or agent shall be permitted to be with the Stewards or Judges during the time of judging, unless by special request of the Stewards, and no exhibitor shall be allowed to act as judge in the section in which they exhibit.  The exhibit of any person infringing this regulation shall be disqualified.  This regulation will be strictly enforced
  12. Damage Through Exhibits

The Society will not be responsible for an accident that may be caused through or by any exhibit, and it shall be a condition of entry that each exhibitor shall hold the Society blameless and indemnified against legal proceedings arising from any such accident.  The Society will not, under any circumstances, hold itself responsible for any loss, damage to, or misdelivery of any exhibits

13        Loss by Disease

The entry form will be taken as a guarantee that the animals specified therein are free from disease, so far as is known to the owner, in the case of infectious disease being spread through or by any exhibit, the exhibitor shall be held responsible

14       Fire

Precautions will be taken to guard against fire, and to protect the property of the Show but exhibits will not be insured at the cost of the Society

15        All protests must be lodged with the Secretary, accompanied by a deposit of ten dollars ($10.00) no later than 4.00 pm on the day of the Show.  If the Committee considers the protest frivolous, the deposit may be forfeited.  In hearing of all protests and disputes arising out of the award, the Committee shall abide by the Judge’s book, unless it be shown the Judges have been wilfully or accidentally misled

16        The Committee will select Judges and Stewards for all Sections and fill any subsequent vacancies

17             No exhibitor or attendant will be permitted to make unseemly noises that may be considered a nuisance in calling the attention of visitors to their exhibits, and any exhibitor or attendant that may be guilty of distributing any advertising cards or other notices, considered immoral, objectionable, or in any way infringing the privileges, disposed of by the Committee, shall forfeit their space and all other privileges, and shall be removed from the Show Ground

18         If any person wilfully injures or destroys any property within the Show Grounds of the Society, he or she will be prosecuted and dealt with as the law directs

19        No exhibitor passes will be issued, except at the discretion of the Committee

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