Contracting a professional corporate motivational presenter under $5000 can be taxing.

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There are several famous lecturers whose fees are above $10 000 for a sole presentation. For an occasion organiser that can be tough to justify within the fund.

When contracting with David Caruso, a specialised inspirational presenter for over ten years, he works to retain his speaking dues reasonable while providing both great takeaways and loads of motivation from his demonstrations.

Every conference and event organiser is expecting for the best motivational presenter within their funds.

As a corporate event presenter, most of David’s keynote demonstrations are below $5000 and he works hard to assist his clientele acquire the best profit on investment for their money.

If you are considering to contract a business presenter lower than $5000, contact us today for a no obligation speaking fee quote!

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Demystifying conference Presenter Fees & Rates

Mostly a conference speakers rates and charges are a strictly protected secret as they often do not share their motivational speaking costs openly.

Thus here is a brief overview of guest speakers costs and what to expect.

A guest presenters rate is normally based on what their time is respected. With that said most event and conference speaking fees will fall into a certain scope as listed below.

QUICK NOTE: If you work with a speaking agency, you would surely be expecting to pay x2-3 times the lecturer rate you would pay if you spoke to the lecturer directly.

Free Business Speaker

You can get a free motivational lecturers to speak for no charge, especially if they are a new lecturer without much experience. The only other reason a skilled lecturer might speak for no charge, is if the seminar or event is local & convenient for them.

Event Speaker travel costs

Not far taken from the free presenter situation outlined above, a business lecturer can frequently be hired for just the cost of their travel preparations (hotel + flight). This is a common arrangement if the event presenter is beginner or is able to benefit from the event in some other way in exchange of the event speaking fee.

Frequently, event or seminar controllers will propose a fix amount for the hotel/flight, leaving it to the event presenter to co-ordinate the travel themselves.  A guest lecturer travel charge offer might start at around $500 and go up to a few thousand dollars for international speaking appointments.

Keynote Speaker $500 – $1750

A keynote presenter ask in this price range would usually apply to small seminars or non-profit events.

It is considered a small speaking cost, but if the conference lecturer really needs to take part in the event, it can be sufficient to get them to participate.  If travel expenses are included, this presenters charge range can assure a modest number of the not yet famous business speakers in the marketplace.

Event Lecturer $1500 – $3500

Not unlike the former group, this presenters price range is still modest for an skilled and expert keynote lecturer. An event speaker you would secure at this range would probably be a professional presenter with a little less undertakings or experience.

You might get lucky in getting a speaker who speaks for a source of livelihood and desires the speaking job.

If you are organising a small conference, meeting or event, this modest fee is adequate, especially if you cover travel expenses for the speaker.

Event Presenter $3000 – $5000

Many very good motivational speakers will accept this rate even though it will be below their ask.  This is real money for the majority of presenters out there.

Professional Speaker $5000 – $7500

This would be the everyday price range for top event presenters – professional lecturer who have given many professional talks formerly and/or have renowned career attainments.

Conference Presenter $7500 – $10 000

Major conferences and business events frequently pay professional motivational speakers within this price range.
For this fee they will protect a seasoned and skilled event lecturer who will provide an outstanding demonstration commonly tailored to the seminar or event’s viewers.

Conference Speaker $10 000 +

This is normally the range for big shot lecturers. A big shot speaker is typically a regular name or industry professionals that are big appeals for the niche market in question. It makes economic sense to pay this speaking fee especially if you are looking to attract in a paying spectators.

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